Prince Charles International Schools

Prince Charles International schools is a co-instructional, multicultural, non-denominational christian college open to all spiritual backgrounds that necessarily makes it a circle of relatives – orientated faculty. The college is in a serene a part of Olodi Apapa Lagos. Traffic to the school are awestruck with the aid of the spacious surroundings this is surely conducive and essential for the social and academic improvement of the young minds we nurture. Our learning surroundings is  homely with small class numbers which permit each teacher to present individual, personalized help required by each child to increase to their complete potentials. We’ve got additionally efficiently; integrated special needs programme for learning guide to gift and gifted children.

From our State of the art school facilities, we offer learning as follows:

  • Early Foundation Year Stage which consists of the Pre- School and Nursery. The Montessori Curriculum is offered at the Nursery level.
  • The Lagos State/British Curriculum are offered to our Primary Students in year 1 – 6
  • The Lagos State/British Curriculum are also offered to our College students in Year 7 – 12.